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«A teen urban/rock collection by Molly Bracken » The brand has retained their atypical imprint and grown over the years with their first capsule collection Lili Sidonio X Molly Bracken in 2016. A teen urban/rock collection designed by Lili; Catherine and Julians’ youngest daughter of 14 years old.


«Design inspired by a bohemian and romantic feel» Meisie Clothing is a Spanish brand that was born in 2009. Two creative entrepreneurs, Marc Sorensen and Moelia Peinado pooled their passion for fashion and all the knowledge that they had gained whilst working for various Scandinavian fashion companies.


On the stalls of Portobello Road and Camden market, Traffic People was born in the heart of London. The designs were fresh and edgy, but imbued with a sense of the opulence and humour that pervaded the styles of the 20s and 30s. The clientelle were style-conscious young women, very aware of how they looked and always on the lookout for the latest fashion trends. From the beginning, Traffic People

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