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«Love of legends is at the origin of Orfeo, the young brand for women.» Fashion, like everything that makes life brighter, is related to the mythical Orpheus, Poet of poets passionate of love, protected by Apollo. Young, creative, ambitious, Orfeo is a trendy fashion, created for every woman and uses long lasting and natural fabrics, exclusively made for the brand. The design and prints are carefully chosen. The Orfeo’s style

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«Brigitte Bardot is more than just a singer or an actress. She is a myth.» Brigitte Bardot is a fashion that is revamped to fit current fashion with an avant-garde touch. Isn’t it often said that fashion is an eternal repetition. Created in the Spring of 2012, the story of the Brigitte Bardot, alias Sarah Ohana, brand is leaving its mark with time…

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