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«With a bag full of textiles, prints, laces and a head full of ideas, Georgina embarked on a journey in 2001. The destination was Sweet Dreams Ibiza» Sweet Dreams Ibiza represents an idea born out of personal inspiration. A new way to dress women, providing a window to the soul of the modern, cosmopolitan woman of today: fresh, delicate, alive yet powerfully confident, independent and passionate. And it’s more than

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«Walk, don’t run. Giving back. Making a difference. Made by hand» Having moved to London in 1997, the label’s founder wanted to bring back a part of the laid-back lifestyle he had experienced growing up on the coastal town of Mombasa to the big city. The first pair of laidback london sandals were sold from a market stall on Portobello Road in the summer of 2002.  


«Odd Molly is a Swedish brand with a mind, a heart and a conscience» Odd Molly is also a loving brand with high ambitions still a brand that will never take itself so seriously. The Odd Molly mind loves to submit to its appetite for more, always being damn fabulous meanwhile. We want to believe that our customers, great women worldwide, possess the same cool core values. Our celebration to

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